Effects Of Tragic Events In The Kite Runner

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Many people in life go through devastating events, which causes their whole life to be affected by it. In the novel, The Kite Runner, written by Khaled Hosseini, many of the characters undergo changes throughout. Amir, Baba and Sohrab all had tragic events happen to them in their lives and we see the impact it has on them.
In the book, Baba (the main character’s father) undergoes a tragic event that causes him to suffer very much. Later in the plot, we find out that Baba betrayed his best friend, Ali, had an affair his wife and she ends up having a child, Hassan. No one knew what Baba had done except for Rahim Khan, Baba’s business partner and close friend. Rahim told Amir what Baba had in a letter done and Amir realized his closest friend,
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All throughout the novel we see Amir longing for Baba’s attention and he never seems to receive it. The only way Amir thinks that he can get Baba’s approval is sacrificing Hassan. After the kite tournament, that Amir and Hassan won, Hassan went kite running and ending up in an alleyway. There, Hassan ends up being raped by Assef (the books antagonist), Kamal and Wali. Amir witnessed this entire thing happen and didn’t do anything to stop it and at this moment, Amir’s guilt beginnings. The blue kite, that Hassan is protecting, symbolizes Hassan’s loyalty to Amir and all of Amir’s guilt but it is also the key to Baba’s acceptance. Amir says, “I put the kite down and walked into his thick hairy arms. I buried my face in the warmth of his chest and wept. Baba held me close to him, rocking me back and forth. In his arms, I forgot what I’d done. And that was good” (Hosseini; page 79). Amir lets Hassan get raped and we see how the kite symbolizes Baba’s acceptance and the pain Hassan must go through. The effect Amir has is feeling extremely guilty for what had happened. Amir says, “He knew I’d seen everything in that alley, that I’d stood there and done nothing. He knew I had betrayed him” (Hosseini; page 105). Amir is feeling guilty for what he has done and is constantly thinking about what had happened. Amir also tries to redeem himself by trying to find Hassan’s son, …show more content…
Wheezy cry. ‘I’m so dirty and full of sin.’ ‘You’re not dirty, Sohrab,’ I said. ‘Those men—’ ‘You’re not dirty at all.’ ‘—they did things…the bad man and the other two…they did things…did things to me.’ ” (Hosseini; pages 319-320). Sohrab went through so much when he was with those men and we definitely see the impact that it has on him. Sohrab is conflicted internally and we see that when he tells Amir that he doesn’t even want his parents to be alive because he feels dirty and he thinks that his father is ashamed and disappointed in him. We also see it when he actually tries to kill himself in the bathtub after Amir tells him he may have to go back to the orphanage. Sohrab says to Amir, “ ‘—wish you hadn’t…I wish you had left me in the water’ ” (Hosseini; page 355). Sohrab was afraid that it would happen again and he even wishes that Amir didn’t save. At the end of the book, we see Sohrab suffering from everything that had happened to him and the impact it gave him. In The Kite Runner, we see Baba, Amir and Sohrab all go through terrible events that led them to deal with the impact it had on them. They all dealt with it differently and not all of them were able to overcome the fear of the

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