The Film Adaptation Of The ' Watchmen ' Essay

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The Film Adaptation of the “Unfilmable” Watchmen In 2009, Zack Snyder filmed the first and only adaption of what was considered to be an “unfilmable” (Van Ness 172) graphic novel: Alan Moore’s Watchmen. Moore was a firm believer in the fact that it was a story unable to be transferred over from a comic to another medium – the story was meant to stay in the medium it was designed for. The graphic novel allows for a complex, metatextual narrative structure to be employed to tell such the story of Watchmen that is filled with much ambiguity. In comparison, the theatrical cut film adaptation of Watchmen cut much of the storyline out that was present in the graphic novel, thus creating more narrative clarity for film audiences, especially those who have not read the original story. This was seen in how the narrative structure was edited and especially the ending of the film. These differences have created a film generally seen as one praised for its mimetic imagery, however, it cannot be called a completely faithful film adaptation of the original graphic novel. In his article discussing the challenges surrounding literary adaptations to film, Dan Hassler-Forest brings up the importance of fidelity to these adaptations of comic books in particular (“The 300 Controversy: A Case Study in the Politics of Adaptation”). There are two main types of fidelity when it comes to these adaptations: visual and literary. In the case of Watchmen, Zack Snyder’s version definitely offers a lot…

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