The Field Of Social Work Essay

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My perception of the field of Social Work is helping people in need and providing the resources for people that need assistances. My first thoughts of social workers were caseworkers for families, but I realized social workers are so much more than that. Social workers are helpers, supporters, counselors, and sometimes a friend for their clients. I love helping people in any way possible and that is why I wanted to become a social worker. There are multiple paths I can take to help someone in need.
I have only taken one social work course, which is Seminar in Helping. Seminar in Helping helped me fully discover what a social worker really is and opened my eyes to multiple aspects of a general practitioner social worker can go through. The course also helped me identify the different methods and processes they can use effectively to help their client. In which I can use to develop my own practice and got me thinking of what area in social work I will like to work in. I learned that I have to learn to use the concept of “Self,” and be able to put it into practice. Being able to identify my triggers gives me the ability to use self-awareness to steer my client in a positive direction. Seminar in Helping gave me a better understanding of what competency really was.
My life experiences have contributed significantly to my decision to become a social worker as my first career because growing up, I had multiple family issues, and thoughts that were not pleasant. I lost multiple…

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