Essay about The Field Of Occupational Therapy

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As I began to start interviewing and shadowing Lauren Drapinski at Chestnut Wood Rehabilitation Nursing Home I was not only extremely nervous but anxious as well. I was experiencing these emotions because this interview was a chance for myself to yet again further my insight into the field of occupational therapy. As I can not only listen to a registered occupational therapy but I can also watch her in her element and observe what she experiences on a daily basis at her profession. The person I choice to interview was Lauren Drapinski, she is a registered occupational therapist who works at the Chestnut Wood Rehabilitation Nursing Home. She is certified to work in any field setting but chooses to work at a Rehabilitation Nursing Home because she likes to help older people recover and hopefully help them one day live independent lives. Lauren has been an Occupational Therapist practitioner for around eight years now. She also attended Bay Path University for her education which I found interesting and made me excited to continue my education her. As Lauren and I toured her workplace she discussed that she choice occupational therapy because she always wanted to do work where she was helping people. She wanted to make people 's lives easier and help people live independent lives again that can not due to any factors like limb loss, diseases, old age, or injury. The diagnosis Lauren commonly treats for individuals is who suffer from strokes, heart problems or patients who have…

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