Reflective Essay: How I Change My Writing Skills

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There’s a lot of skills and knowledge that a person has been taught but most of the time don’t think about what they have learned and when they learned it. Before this assignment it never came across my mind of even thinking about previous work, why would you? Once I finished an assignment I would never look back at it. But being able to see how I have progressed by reading old essays compared to my more recent ones. Helped me see how I change my writing skills and it gave me a confidence boost in my writing. I have always struggled with writing, but when I did look back at my older assignments it feels nice recognizing how you have grown and the people that have helped you.
Well I never paid too much attention to what my teachers were teaching
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After looking around my documents, I found an assignment that I did 2 years ago that I remember vividly which was the Feminist Perspective essay. Even though I waited until the last minute to write it and didn’t finish my 3rd paragraph, I surprisingly still got a B. This is something I definitely need to stop doing. Similar to the small article “Shitty First Drafts”, my first draft was pretty shitty and I just turned in what I had in the last minute. I know when I should start and how long assignments will take. I know that one of my main problems are is that I procrastinate, but since my senior year I try to finish as soon as possible so I don’t have to worry about it later. And just have the stress of the assignment lifted off my shoulders. One memory that still has stuck with me is when one of my teachers told me, “You will always be a bad writer.” You know something like that always stick with you no matter what. Still to this day when I’m starting especially when in the middle of writing something I remember what he told me. So trying to think of two assignments that I remember vividly was hard. I don’t think there has been one essay that I have wrote where I haven’t thought, “Wow I suck at writing.” Then I get stuck and just want to give up. But then I just try to think, no I just have a different way than others and I feel a bit …show more content…
Hoerling, she taught World Studies at Stahl Junior High. She was a very different teacher in the way she treated her students and how she taught. We wrote about 6 big essays from what I found on my old computer. Well Mrs. Hoerling was a huge part of me and advancing my writing skills. She really cared about her students and wanted them to succeed and pass the class. When it was time to write an essay the whole class got prepared by doing research with a group of 3. Then you’d be given a prompt and a basic outline of how your essay should look. Every essay was different in small or big ways. She taught me how to not over think, and really helped me with the way I write. I write like how I would talk, very scrambled at times, but I get the idea of what the essay is I found that writing like this really helped me get my ideas flowing, so I would get stuck as much. I remember not finishing one of the essays and she allowed me to come in and finish it on a Saturday for a B or get a zero if I didn’t come in. So of course I went, for me I have a bad habit of saying “I hate writing” or “I suck at writing”. She told me “No one is bad at writing, it just depends who’s reading it and who is your audience.” She was the nicest teacher when it came to anyone who struggled with writing. She always tried to make her students feel comfortable when writing, and wanted to make it more of an enjoyable experience. We did a lot of writing

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