The Federal Aviation Administration Regulation Essay

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On Aug. 29, drone regulations changed for everyone in the US when the Federal Aviation Administration regulation titled Part 107 took effect. These new rules made it easier for businesses to use drones but also regulated some aspects of drone usage by the public. These rules are fairly simple and easy to understand. The majority of drone hobbyists will only be required to follow a few extra guidelines.

Drones Must Fly Below 400 Feet

While technically the FAA had rules against flying above 400 feet before now, that rule was a 1981 advisory covering model airplanes. As it was only an advisory, it wasn 't an official rule, though most people treated it as such.

Part 107 of the Federal Aviation Regulations makes that advisory law. The FAA says that flying above this limit interferes in national airspace. In addition to the height law, there are already established rules surrounding restricted airspace, such as around airports. In addition, local authorities can restrict the airspace around emergencies such as wildfires. Drone pilots should check their local airspace laws before flying a drone.

No Faster than 100 Miles per Hour

The FAA allows for a good deal of speed but says that a drone operator cannot fly an unmanned drone faster than 100 miles per hour or 87 knots.

Drone Must Remain within Visual Line of Sight

A drone must always be seen by a drone operator from where they are standing. Thus, a drone cannot get too far away, nor go behind trees or buildings that would…

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