Argumentative Essay On Drones

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Drones and Their Usage
Beyza Gizem Ozluk

Drones and Their Usage
Technology progresses fast and cumulatively. Every single day new update and inventions are being created to make individuals` life easier and practical. As a result of improvements in technology and it`s developed usage, drones have started to be used for journalism and film, border control, and unmanned cargo transport but it has been brought on some concerns about privacy and safety and in spite of its negative effects, using drones can be more practical and beneficial.
Drones are the products of high level of technology, it is possible to have one easily because there are almost hundred types of drones with different heights, weights, and prices. This convenience
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"Militaries all across the globe are using drones because they believe that its advantage certainly overpowers its disadvantages" (CIG, 2017). Also, according to the Economist, because of drones shape and weight, it is easier to use them instead of airplanes and drones allows the military to record and fly lower levels (2009). For example, the border between the US and Mexico is controlled by drones for more five years. Besides drones provide an advantage to observe an area or a field for long durations. "Drones are capable of staying in operation for longer hours as compared to airplanes, that too without a human pilot. There is no scope of fatigue and drone operators, as well as pilots can easily hand off the controls without affecting the operational downtime of the drone" (Tritten, 2015). According to an audit of the drone program "The drones are intended to compensate for the Department of Homeland Security’s lack of personnel and other surveillance equipment to adequately patrol the longest international border in the world" (The New York Times, 2016). Furthermore, operations or observations that need to be hidden from the enemies or others might be hard and more obvious with planes but using drones can make the process safer. They can be used as spies about governmental subjects. As far as Gregory McNeal reported, "Drones are effective for spying because, with the help of drones, there has been an increase in surveillance and military intelligence" (Brookings, 2014). And it can be easily said that they are hard to be seized by enemies, but if they get caught, they can destroy themselves without giving any information or advantages to the

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