Drones Essay

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The U.S. insurance industry and its drone usage is a controversial topic that can greatly benefit our society, but usage of drones can seriously impact how a company can improve assessing potential damages to property and improving its customer service. Still, with all these improvements people are still weary of the usage of drones because of the fear of invasion of their personal privacy. Farmers are using drones to inspect crops and construction companies are using drones to capture footage and collect more data on job sites. But still many companies are hesitant to introduce drones into the insurance world. Some companies see the drones as the next step in evolution in the insurance industry. There are several
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Drones have the potential to significantly change property adjusting. Imagine instead of sending human people in the field to assess damages of an unsafe area, companies will just be able to send in drones to assess the damages with a guarantee that there will be no injuries to adjusters in the field. When insurance companies are equipped with drones, companies are better able to gather evidence, including cleaner videos and pictures, because if the ability of the wide angles and zooming capabilities that newer drones are capable of providing. Drones can save claims adjusters approximately half of their current estimate times. Drones also make it possible for insurance companies to use remote people with enhanced A&V features for further guidance and making better decisions, a task that becomes more difficult with properties with multi level …show more content…
As drones increase speed and efficiency, this will increase the time insurance agents can focus on customers. This will also reduce the time it will take to process claims and will help customers get the money they need faster, which will lead to an increase in customer satisfaction. This will be a key element in the event of a catastrophic claim happening such as mudslides or earthquakes. In most cases adjusters encounter damaged roads, falling power lines and other dangers while evaluating damages. But they are still extremely delayed when it comes to assessing, and handling huge amount of claims within a small window of time. If drones are used properly they have the potential to cut claim payout times in

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