The Federal Aviation Administration Is Responsible For The Safety Of Civil Aviation

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3 Fictional Scenarios The worker’s name is John Park, and he is currently employed by the Federal Aviation Administration. The Federal Aviation Administration is a federal company that is responsible for the safety of civil aviation. Some of our major roles are safe movement of air traffic, issuing safety alerts and expediting traffic based on priority (What we do, n.d.). We as a company have over 100 facilities scattered throughout the United States. Worker John Park has always been a hard working employee, he shows up to work on time every day and never started any conflicts. John Park recently in our facility has sexually assaulted another employee. He is known as the jokester at work to tell funny jokes that sometimes may be inappropriate, but he has never sexually assaulted anyone before. John Park has recently been charged for sexual assault for grabbing another employee’s behind as part of his joke. He may of thought this was okay since it was part of his joke, but it is a direct violation of our company’s policy. The Federal Aviation Administration has a strict no tolerance on sexual assault. John Park will be charged for sexual assault, he will have to attend a sexual assault prevention course and he will be relocated to different facility. The reason why we are sending John Park to a sexual assault prevention course is so that he can learn what consent looks like and what is appropriate at work (Ways to Reduce your Risk, n.d). We are also relocating John Park, so…

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