Fault In Our Stars Themes

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The Fault In Our Stars, by John Green, is a fascinating book that chronicles the hardships of two teenagers battling cancer and how they find meaning in their lives despite their disease. The book is about Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters. Both are fighting cancer and together they learn to cope with their circumstances and support each other through difficult times. In the end, Augustus dies from osteosarcoma, but not without leaving a very positive impact on the people who knew him. The Fault In Our Stars examines deep themes, such as growing up different from one’s peers, the influence of family, what it’s like to face death, and how shared experiences can lead to a deep love between two people. In many ways the characters in The Fault in Our Stars are a lot like regular teenagers. For example, they are obsessed with video games and music. Once they go out in public, they are reminded of how different they are because the average teenager doesn’t have a prosthetic leg or have to roll around a cart of oxygen everywhere they …show more content…
Hazel’s parents often seem to contradict themselves throughout the story. On the one hand, they are constantly telling Hazel to mature and grow up, which is one of the reasons they send her to a support group. They want her to find peers she can connect with. On the other hand, her parents insist that she sleep with her childhood teddy bear named “Bluie.” When she starts spending a lot of time with Augustus, they harshly question her and at one point they get into a yelling argument over her leaving the house. Augustus’ parents take a very different approach. They have several positive sayings displayed all around their house. They mean well but sometimes it irritates Augustus. Both Hazel and Augustus find their parents annoying at times, but both know their parents have their best interests at

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