The Atomic Kid Analysis

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The Atomic Kid (Dir. Martinsons, 1954) and The Hangover (Dir. Phillips, 2009) both set in Las Vegas.The Atomic Kid is a sci-fi comedy about a uranium exploiter, Blix Waterberry (Mickey Rooney), becomes radioactive after surviving an Atomic explosion, and The Hangover centers on the journey of three men trying to find their best friend after a wild bachelor party in Las Vegas. The two films center on the fantasy of Las Vegas being a place without consequences. One fixates on the Las Vegas in the Cold War, while the other one highlights on the otherworldly fantasized Las Vegas in a hedonist society. In The Atomic Kid, Las Vegas is the only place where ordinary people can see atomic explosions As a desert city, Las Vegas lacks the natural resources …show more content…
As a child star, Rooney is known for playing boyish characters. In the 1950s, Rooney’s career hit a slump. The Atomic Kid, which was produced by Rooney himself, was an attempt to regain popularity by reselling Rooney past successful model, the adventure of a overeating kid. Boyhood emphasize on innocence. Like Blix, most American at the time were naive about the nuclear power. Using the innocence of the main character, the film attempts to normalize the Atomic bombs. The Atomic Kid shows American people’s lack of knowledge about nuclear power and overall supportive attitude towards the nuclear testings going on in the Las Vegas desert in the 1950s. In the films, many civilians are sitting a few mile away from the testing site and enjoying the view of a mushroom cloud with protective glasses as if they were watching fireworks. The film romanticizes the bomb and completely ignores the bombing in Japan. The public attention focuses on the destructive power of the bomb, rather than the danger of the radiations (Hendershot, 115). The ignorance about radiation allows Martinsons to portray a survivor of an atomic explosion in a playful way. The over-exaggerating physical comedy adds to Blix’s boyish quality, and the film uses slapstick humor to create a fantasy particalr to that time period when fun and nuclear weapons coexist in Las Vegas. As Blix uses his radioactive superpower to hack slot machines and act as a human antenna, Las Vegas becomes the radioactive Bilx’s

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