The Fault In Our Stars Character Analysis

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Love may crawl, saunter, sprint, or pull up in a wheelchair and knock on the steps of your heart. It could be your high school sweetheart or someone who stumbled upon your life journey, but how does love develop in a relationship where they both have terminal illnesses like Hazel and Augustus, from The Fault in Our Stars, or like Me Before You, where Will was paralyzed in an accident and Louisa was stuck in the limbo of her mediocre life. In the movie, The Fault In Our Stars, the main characters Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters interact with each other in a support group for people with terminal medical conditions like theirs. They grow fond of one another and Augustus uses his death wish to travel to Amsterdam along with Hazel and her mother to meet the famous author, Peter Van Houten, who turns out to be a heartless alcoholic. Although their foregather was unpleasant with the author, during the trip Augustus declares his love for Hazel, but also reveals that he has kept his cancer progression from her. When they return home Augustus cancer only worsens and the days he has left to live are strictly counted. Following a couple days after his fake funeral with attendees, Hazel, and Isaac, Augustus passed away. Ending with the eulogy Augustus wrote to Hazel before …show more content…
In spite of their “small infinity,” they both wished they would have had more time together, but it was an impossible possibility. Even though Augustus said it was a “good life,” it was definitely a hard one as well. Augustus didn’t want to leave this world, especially the love of his life, but just because his life was coming to end it, it didn’t mean their love for each other had to die as well. He insured that before he stepped foot off this world, Hazel Grace was a happy young girl in a world full of infinities where she could enjoy every split second of her own remaining life

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