The Blind Side Character Analysis

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1. The definition of character as it relates to literature is a person, animal or creature that takes part in the action of a story, play or other literary work. To demonstrate I chose the movie The Blind Side and the main character Michael Oher. After completing the descriptions of the types of characters listed I had to go back and add more to Michael's character. When I first wrote the paper all I saw was that Michael was the main character in the story, he is the character the story is centered on, as it is a true story of his life. As the main character it is through his eyes that we view the trials, tribulations, and victories that occur. He is also the protagonist in the story, because of the adversities he had to overcome. He is …show more content…
The story I choose to describe the protagonist in is The True Story of the Three Little Pigs by Jon Scieszka. In this story the wolf is the protagonist. As the story goes he was baking his grandmother a cake for her birthday and did not have enough sugar. He walked to his neighbors to borrow a cup of sugar and while knocking on the door of the straw his he had a sneezing fit and the house was blown down. It was a complete accident due to his terrible cold, but inside the rubble laid the owner of the house, Mr. Pig. Well we all know wolves eat pigs so as not to waste a free meal the wolf ate him. Walking a little farther on the wolf came to another house and innocently knocked on the door. Feeling another sneezing fit coming on the wolf tried to hold it back but again he innocently sneezed. This time his innocent sneeze blew over a house of sticks and you guessed it inside laid a second Mr. Pig as dead as the first Mr. Pig. Well what was the wolf to do but eat it. Walking farther he came to another house, but the third Mr. Pig began screaming at him to leave even though he told him all he wanted was to borrow a cup of sugar to finish baking his old grandmother a birthday cake. Seeing that he was not going to get the sugar the wolf was preparing to leave when the third pig made a remark about his grandmother. Well that antagonistic pig, with his rude remark made the wolf hopping

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