The Farm Of A Farm Essay

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Until I was ten years old, I lived on a farm just northeast of a small town called Medaryville (population: 565). First, it was a solely a pig farm, then a cow and pig farm, then a horse, cow, and pig farm, and lastly just a horse farm; we had horses for the majority of my life, about seven years. Many things happened on that farm. When it was a horse farm, we would keep retired race horses there kind of as a retirement home if you will, and we would keep race horses that were being trained and were on a break, so to speak. Pregnant race horses would come to have their babies, where we would raise them until it was time to wean, which means that when they reach a certain age they are weaned away from their mothers because they no longer need to nurse. Once they were weaned, they would be sent back to the track to be trained to become racehorses. We did typical farm things; I had been baling hay since I was about seven. I learned how to drive just about everything around the same time. I was your typical farm kid, and the babies were my favorite part, though, it could be a little stressful.
One late March morning, my dad and I were doing our usual morning routine after we did chores, cleaning stalls (we called feeding the horses ‘chores’). The whole process was a chore; it normally took about an hour and a half every morning and every night to feed and water all of them. I was eight years old, and so as an eight year old, I was not of much assistance on certain jobs, and it…

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