The Fabric Game Was The Primary Focus Essay

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The fabric game was the primary focus as I could properly hear how the two girls interacted between each other. I noticed that the “block girl” would pick out three or four cut-outs for her board and whatever she did not use the other girl would ask to use. This lead me to believe that the other girl did not really know what she wanted to make but was instead just putting the left overs to her board, which was strange becuase the pile of cut-out was rather large and there was no need to just use what the other girl did not. The caregiver stayed near the activity for a few moments but noticing there was no problem between the two girls she removed herself and went back to the dress up area. The kids who continued to dress up had gotten a little rowdy as they began to ran back and forth between the area and the wall long mirror on the other side of the room. Humorously, when told they should not run and asked why they were the kids all responded with a “I don’t know”, even though it was clear that they were running becuase they were excited to see what they looked like with a different hat on or whatever. Either way, once the caregiver got back to the area it calmed down. The children who were eating breakfast were, for the most part, all done by this time, but some stayed around the table simply talking instead of returning to play. The girl who seemed to lead the charge back and forth from the mirror to the dress up area and back again has left the area, and instead turned…

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