Occupational Observation Paper Example

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1. This observation occurred between the occupational therapist (OT) and a 4-year-old girl named Ella. Ella does not have a definite diagnosis, but does have developmental delays and low muscle tone all over her body. The occupational therapist brought in big Lego blocks and allowed Ella to free-play with them while the OT gathered other materials. The OT sat down at the table with Ella and from the bag of Legos she pulled out 2 yellow blocks with six pegs, 2 green with 2 pegs, 2 blue with 2 pegs and 2 red with 2 pegs out and put them on the table. She gave one of each to Ella and kept the others for herself. The OT then proceeded to put the yellow block down then stacked one green on one side, the blue across from it, and the red on top of the blue. As she was doing this she would tell Ella to look and watch what she was doing carefully. When the OT was finished she told Ella do make one with her blocks the same, as she said same she signed it as well. Ella looked at the OT and grabbed her own Legos. She took the yellow one and put it down. Then she looked at the model, looked at her Legos and picked up the blue one, she looked at the model and then set it down on the same spot. She then took the next color, …show more content…
The swing that provides vestibular input is an activity that would allow an infant to use their senses. In Zach’s case he was using the vestibular input as a way to calm himself down. The swing provides a tight sensation all over his body allowing him to be aware of his sense of touch. He is learning about himself that an object like the swing allows him to relax. I consider Zach to almost be in the preoperational stage, but his autism sets him back because he cannot get away from all of the chaos of his world. He is not able to properly concentrate long enough to solve logical

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