Personal Narrative: My Visit To Allen Elementary

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Preparing for my forth visit to Allen Elementary I have learned a number of items about myself and the school. I have learned nursing is absolutely right chosen field for me. I have verified that teaching is not my forte, and I am very pleased that I did not choose that specific life course. The children are a little too much for me to bear at times. I really dislike how the children do not listen to me, but that could be that I am not the teacher and do not have full authority. I do enjoy being around the children when they behave and listen to me. I believe if I chose to enter pediatric nursing that I would be able to support them; as it will be more one on one.
I visit the school on Friday’s, so all of the children are crazy in anticipation of the weekend. They have no homework to work on with us, so we usually play games and have a craft or different activity to share with them. During my visit the second week I arrived and they were playing sharks and minnows in the gym. I walked in and three little girls came up to me and give me a
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I do notice that Allen elementary is very segregated, and that they have their own cliques. They tend to socialize with their friends and they do not include all of their peers. I feel that this is normal in all schools, and not just public schools. I feel that I made a good connection with the little boy. I was able to discern that he does not receive as much attention that he needs, and that he needs someone to help him make new friends, so that he may become more social. I have also noticed that many of the children are happy to see us when we come arrive at their school. This speaks to the essay that after school programs can help students with their social skills. The Walsh University volunteers should also strive to be good role models towards them, so they know that everyone can further their

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