Garbage Swell: Poem Analysis

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“Noyle found himself literally swimming in a sea of garbage,” this is an excerpt of the passage “Garbage Swell.” The author is explaining one of the many effects that humans are having on the availability and condition of the water. Humans in society nowadays are harming the water in the ocean, are affecting the quality of the water in the world, and are wasting a significant amount of water. This report will be talking about how the actions of humans have and are changing the availability and quality of water.

Water conservation is currently decreasing and along with it, water availability. Increase amounts of water are wasted around the world on a daily basis. In source 6, "Water Collective," it starts that " really feel the value of that resource. You actually feel it: It's really heavy to carry."Around the world, families have to travel miles to collect water, so a great amount of their day
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Waters are stressed by human activity like fishing, throwing garbage away in the sea, and the climate changes. In source 4, "Troubled Waters," it declares, "Researchers classified more than 40 percent of the ocean as "heavily impacted" by human activity." Researchers are trying to say that we are clueless about how we treat the oceans. People deep sea fish and commercially ship, which leaves pollution in the ocean. In source 4, "Troubled Waters," it continues to state "More than three-quarters of coastal waters suffer from climate change and increases in the effects of harmful land-based activities, including pollution." The more humans expand the Greenhouse Effect and cause global warming the worst it is for oceans, the seas rise too fast because of heat which affects reefs and force fish to migrate. Pollution is causing ocean dead zones where sea creature are made to move from their habitat. This shows us that because of humans not only are the waters suffering but so is the

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