Essay on The Evolution Of Nursing : Nurse Administrator

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The Evolution of Nursing: Nurse Administrator Nurse administration is a nursing specialty that evolves the management of nursing staff and the business of healthcare facilities. Nurse administrators are leaders that blend the business of operating healthcare facility with healthcare expertise. A nurse administrator may work as a nurse manager, nursing supervisor, director of nursing, vice president of nursing, chief nursing officer, or any other nurse leadership role. A bachelor degree is the minimum requirement for most entry-level administration positions such as a nurse manager or an assistant nurse manager for a single department. To obtain higher administration positions like executive nursing positions, employers prefer advanced degrees. A master in nursing degree (MSN) with a concentration in administration or executive leadership distinguishes advanced knowledge in nursing, leadership, and business. Some nurse administrators take a different route to become administrators, and obtain a master in healthcare administration (MHA) or a master in business administration (MBA). The main difference in a MSN and MHA or MBA degrees is a prerequisite to a MSN degree is to be a licensed registered nurse and the course material is nursing based. It is not a requirement to be a nurse to obtain a MHA or MBA, and course materials for neither degree is based on the nursing profession.
Key Differences between Nurse Administrators and Advance Practice Nurses There is a multitude…

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