The Ever Changing Field Of Film And Cinematography Essay

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The Ever-changing Field of Film
The world of film and cinematography has changed a lot over the years, and it will likely change even more as time wears on. Like many modern innovations, film and cinematography have changed very quickly over a rather short period of time, before reaching a plateau of existence that won’t advance for a while, though it definitely will eventually. Still, it is impressive to think how far film has come, and looking back allows us to have a bit more appreciation for the technology that no longer is.
I myself am not old enough to recall something ancient, such as black and white films or movies without sound. But I can recall the days when DVD and Blu-Ray was mere fantasy, or hopes for a far off future. Yes, I am referring to the old days of VCR and video cassettes. Watching a film was a lot different back then. Many of today’s young kids will never know the minor hassle of having to rewind a video cassette before actually watching it. They’ll never know how large and clunky a VCR actually was, or how much space owning a few dozen video cassettes actually required.
It was a different era, for sure. But there was something altogether novel about. Even now I still miss some of the aspects of the VCR, my old friend. Rewinding a video cassette was a minor pain, but it also gave you a few minutes of eager excitement as you waited for the movie to be ready. Yes, a wide array of video cassettes took a lot of space, but there was something about having…

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