The Event Of The Basketball Tournament Essays

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As a retired collegiate athlete and sports fan in general, there is no greater time of the year than March. Sure, the highly anticipated spring break takes place during this month, Thanksgiving round 2 (Easter) also sometimes occurs, and even my birthday falls into this period. While all these things are awesome, none of them compare to the greatest event that takes place during the month of March: The Men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament, also known as MARCH MADNESS. While a single-elimination tournament is exciting on any plane of competition, one unique aspect of March Madness keeps fans coming back and makes this event one of the greatest, if not the greatest sporting event in the world. The underdog. Every single year some no-name, low-major Division 1 program upsets a highly-favored team. Sometimes this team goes on a run to knock off even more highly-favored teams, what is known in the sports world as a “Cinderella story”. Even though this occurs almost every year, it is never any less-shocking than the previous year. Everyone, besides the upset team & their fans, absolutely eats it up (including myself). It is one of the most exciting spectacles to witness in the sports world. We love an underdog. There is no denying this. The underdog story is not unique to the sports world; it is observable almost anywhere there is inequality or overwhelming odds. Many fictitious stories use this theme as the main basis of their story, including The Martian. We love to root for the #15…

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