The European Tour Operators Case Essay

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PART A: The European Tour Operators Case
The first part of the Portfolio Assignment will include an analysis of the external environment of two large travel companies, Thomas Cook and TUI. The three models that will be included and discussed in the first part of the assignment are PESTEL, Porter’s Five Forces and Industry Life Cycle. These three models should be done for both of the companies. For this assignment I should also briefly discuss the overall attractiveness of the industries and identify the opportunities and threats.
Background information of Thomas Cook
According to Thomas Cook’s leading website (, Thomas Cook is the second largest leisure travel group in the UK with
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According to various sources most of the UK population prefer spending their weekend and evenings by watching TV or hired videos or listen to radio and music, rather than making tour or avail package holiday offers. For their social life, most individuals consider entertaining friends and family at home rather than going out. A great trend has been seen in Great Britain population regarding health and diet issues in the contemporary years. This trend contributes for the demand of more fitness clubs and organic food for the individuals from Great Britain alters in the structure of the population on account of the immigrants from Africa, Asia and Europe will also affect the demand and supply of goods within the Great Britain economy. One of a contemporary concern in society is security and safety while travelling is founding the Great Britain residents. Lifestyle alters have also been affecting the Great Britain travel market for a lots of years. Deferring the commence of the family as well as raising in the number of earning couples structure are the main trends contributing the altering life style. Altering fashions that are unlike to forecast also have a consequence on the market.

Technological Factors
The fast increasing of the technology usage is affecting the businesses in Great Britain and entire over the globe. Customers relying on internet and online sales are increasing day by day. Statistics show a mere 70% of UK households

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