Relationship Between Environment And Tourism

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As obviously, environment has act and play a big roles in order to enhanced tourism development in every country, in fact both environment and tourism has interdependence relationship. Moreover, environment is also considered as an important challenge for tourism sector. There are many components lies within the relationship between tourism and environment. Which the relationship involves may be positive or even negative relationship. Specifically, environment as a stimulus to tourism, constraints to tourism, tourism impacts on environment and etc. (Hall, 1999). According to Stefanica & Butnaru (2013), the environment by its natural such as cultural-historical, social climate potential build the motivation of tourist to travel, and this statement are slightly same with Dan push and pull factor. Tourist will more likely choose to survey …show more content…
Environment constraint such as pollution and climate on certain tourism destination may influence the tourism sector and tourism development as well. Pollution that occurs in the certain tourism destination which produces by the destination itself may consider as a constraints to tourism development. For instance, “heavy marine pollution at the west court of the Caspian Sea shows an negative environment images” ( Hall,1999), and it automatically destroy the tourism development. In addition, climate changes in certain tourism destination may influence the tourism development. According to Mat Som,Mohamed & Wong (2006),rainfall and dry season in are the examples of the climate changes in Malaysia and the impact of seasonal demand influence the interest of tourist in travel to the specific destination. By extension, different people will result in different demand in environment types which certain destination with unsuitable climate will evade tourist to travel, indirectly will affect the tourism development at the

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