Tourism And Climate Change And Tourism In The Caribbean

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Cuba is by far, the largest and most ecologically diverse island in the Caribbean, with several archipelagos equaling or exceeding the Florida Keys in length. Cuba’s extensive coastal areas are still home to massive mangrove wetlands, tropical wet forests, coastal mountains, and a variety of associated habitats for a diverse range of plants and animals. It has a great variety of marine ecosystems, including many diverse coral reef habitats, extensive grass beds, and more than a dozen enormous estuaries and coastal lagoons. Based on this fact, it can be noted that it has affected the country both positively and negatively since compared to coastal areas in the United States and the Caribbean, Cuba’s coastlines are characterized …show more content…
With facts being the main points of concern, climate change and tourism will affect each other. Tourism-dependent countries as stated are in a doomed stated as no matter the predictions things will turn for the worst if a comprehensive approach in assessing the dynamics of climate change and its various impacts on tourism isn’t acknowledged. Since tourism is climate-sensitive and is apart of a tourist’s decision especially those from temperate and polar zones in which are going to the tropical zones and vice versa. Tourist is one of the various reasons for climate change because tourist travel and the emission of fuels used to transport them to the destination can destroys the natural resources such as our sea, land and air which which leads to the depletes of the ozone causing drastic changes to the earth temperature such as global warming which leads to melting of the ice glaciers and other complications. If the ice glaciers are melting in the colder countries what will happen in the near future is that the temperature zones will become like the tropical zone and the tropical zones will become hotter since its near the equator and will possibly be unattractive as the extreme heat can be a deterrent for some traveler as the reason for travelling wouldn’t be needed unless its of a different reason other than climate such as education, health care etc. So, countries like Jamaica that are dependent on tourist to survive as an economy will become consequently affected. Unless something is done to stop this predicament this is the fortune of the

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