The Increasement Of Travel Technology In The Travel Agent Industry

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Travel agents have always been useful, but there was a time where the travel agents were no longer use as before. I decided to make some research on travel agents. Over the years travel agents have increased and in demand slowly but coming back. The reason I choose to research the increasement of travel agents was because I also want to plan a trip by myself for a group of friends and I after college. This might be a difficult task but good research and planning will pay off. Saving some money will also be the reason for the research and the most important having fun.
Today in the modern world there is a lot of technology many companies have the whole information and product that can be sold online. The thing is that many people
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“The internet if flooded with traveling sites that let the traveler choose it’s service”. Many of the business people say that they don’t have time to make plans for the travel so they make a choice to contract travel agents. Work trips are the ones that need more help like in moneywise to time wise. There is many to choose from online but There is nothing like an actual person doing what is important to a traveler. Business people tend to travel for short periods of time that time is money for them in such little time an experienced travel agent can set their traveling expenses and everything included.
Statistics and facts on the travel agent industry. Information that I researched said “ In 2013 the travel industry in the United States generated 33 billion U.S. dollars in sales revenue “. There was also more information to it “ In 2014 over the half of the travel agents users reported that travel experiences planned by an agents were better than those they planned themselves”. It’s been proven by the travel industry and the traveller who take time to demonstrate why is it that travel agents are coming back due to their unique way of work to help the people.
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Statistics say that agents are coming in a big way. It’s so great that some airlines are looking to get away from them. No one can stop them from making a better traveling experience to every traveler that can appreciate their hard work to travelers one that looks for them.
In conclusion travel agents have come to increase over the past few years and back on demand. Using great methods that have always been helpful to their clients. Technology isn’t as useful as everyone thought about it, Travel agents beat them at it. Old style travel agents will always be a great hand to travelers. It takes personal planning for a trip rather than a simple website out there. Travel agents will never lose against the internet planning site due to the preferable choosing of the clients. Planning a trip to Cancun will be a major challenge and a great way to save money for my friends and

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