Case Study Of Grizzly USA

Grizzly USA – use Facebook messenger to promote your company effectively!
Grizzly USA gives you possibility to buy Facebook bot and extend your set of marketing channels, making your company visible for the 1 billion Facebook users.
Facebook Chatbot: facilitate your user’s life and increase your brand loyalty!
Bot for Facebook is a new way to provide users with an opportunity to use any service on the Web. Without leaving the Facebook messenger they can order food, find tickets, get notification to schedule the day. As a businessman you can find a new channel of sales, improve your marketing strategy and offer your target audience constant access to your company.
Chatbots for routine tasks
Developing bot for the Facebook messenger app, you
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These robots provide information, entertain or send notification in the form of chat in Facebook Messenger. Thus, they release your user from searching for info himself: he doesn’t even have to open the browser.
Informational Chat Bots
Information robots are used to send data to the user upon his request. Such bot distributes info about your company, promoting it. Educational Chat Bots
Educational chat bots will improve your brand loyalty, helping your customers with educational tips, translation help, etc. Entertaining Chat Bot
Entertaining robots offer music or movies, select recipes according to the given ingredients, or entertain the user with some info.

Booking chat bots: a new way to sell your service
Programming a new chat bot for booking gives you opportunity not only to promote your service, but also to sell it using a simple affordable program. Using a Facebook chat bot, the customer won’t have to make efforts on searching service through the catalogue, the robot is doing it for him.
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Traveling Chat Bot
Using travelling bots, people can find, book or order hotel room and transport tickets via Facebook or the Messenger. Ticket Chat Bots
Ticket chat bots are used to find an event in the event guide and order ticket to it. It is one more direct channel of sales.

Business chat bots: affordable solution for your burning business issues
Finding a new channel of sales or an easy way to inform customers about the work on their project can sufficiently optimize your company business processes. Chat bots for business are used differently: they gather information about the targeted audience, send notification and statistics to the customers, provide information about the flow of work and act as consultants offering goods from the catalogue.
Consultation Chatbots
Bot gives consultation, answer frequently asked questions and accept orders. This program sufficiently reduces manager’s workload. Catalogue Chatbots
These chatbots give you variants from catalogue upon your request, specifying details during the flow of conversation. Survey Chatbots
These chatbots conduct surveys in the form of simple chat via the Messenger. You can use received data to improve marketing

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