The Ethics Of The Human Race Essay

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We enter in to a dark and musty room where Crake lies on a couch, while a therapist examines him. “So crake is this your first time coming to therapy?” Says the therapist. “Yes, what’s it to you?” Crake says angrily. “Well I am sure you are aware that this is court mandated because you tried to wipe out the human race.” “I know exactly what I fucking did.” Crake seems to be not taking this well. “Well now I am going to ask you a few questions to get to the bottom of your motivations and reasoning behind your recent actions.” The therapist said calmly.

“Why did you or why do you want to destroy the human race? I really want you to open up and please take all the time you want to think about your answer.” Crake lay there with an angry look on his face, when he sat up quickly almost violently. “You want to know why I think that the human race should be eliminated?” “Yes, that’s what I asked.” The therapist was starting to sweat. “Humans are a waste of space. Humans have many flaws like they are fat, lazy, emotional, and are a disgrace to their creator. Furthermore, they are very abusive to each other, which to me is unfathomable. If science has allowed us to be able to create new perfect life forms I think that the human race needs a fresh start.” “The second thing you mentioned there was that humans are abusive to each other.” “Yes! And all humans should die for that.” Crake tried to stand but he was handcuffed to the sofa chair. The therapist was hoping that…

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