The Ethics Of The Ethical Problem Essay

700 Words May 15th, 2016 3 Pages
The ethical problem here is that it is a tough time to meet the budget with the current procedures and policies in place. Sarah, who is a friend, had suggested skipping some of the procedures and signing off of on the programs. Without performing the procedures you cannot verify that the financial integrity of the audit. This is very concerning because it breaks the ethical code of the organization. To me it not only breaks the organizations ethical code but it breaks my moral standards. I believe that the organizations policies and procedures should be followed. If the procedure shows areas of improvement and flaws, it is my job to fix them and make improvements. There are some procedures that are outdated and can be improved, but if you did not do your due diligence; you should not be able to verify any information that is used by stakeholders. There are a few courses of action that can be followed in this situation. If there is a conflict between your personal and professional values you can talk to management. Bringing this up to management can address any areas of disconnect and fix the broken procedures. By bringing these issues up to management, it will give them time to address the issues and address any employee who has broken the policies. Even though Sarah is a friend, she should have brought this issue up to management. If you feel that the issue can be resolved without managements help you can address Sarah. You can talk to Sarah about the…

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