The Ethics Of The Colorado Department Of Public Health And Environment

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A baby should be coming into this world as a wanted, planned human being.
You have to be in a good financial position, have considered the things you are willing to sacrifice for your child, and you must have planned how your life would be with another life in it. Sadly, people do not always take such responsible steps towards parenthood. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment said that pregnancies that were unintended are associated with:
⦁ Low birth weight
⦁ Birth defects
⦁ Maternal depression
⦁ A high risk of violence during pregnancy inflicted upon them by another individual
⦁ Increased risk of child abuse
Child abuse. Does a child deserve that? No, they do not. An abortion might have been the best choice in prevention.
"But there 's always adoption!" people may say, and they are correct; however, adoption may not be the best choice either.
Birth parents, often birth fathers, feel worthless after the act of giving up their own child. Parents may become worried that their child would not have understood their reasoning for giving them up, and feel that he or she may grow up hating them for the "abandonment". Birth parents may also feel the need to know their child, but most of the time it is in vain. They do not know who their child is with, if they are alright, or even if they are still alive when it is a closed adoption...which most of the time they are. People nowadays often pride themselves on who they are. Adopted children do not know who…

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