The Ethics Of The Administrator At The Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

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The case of the academic credentials falsification of the administrator at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Marilee Jones, is one of those stories that we often hear and can be more memorable for a long time. Marilee Jones resigns after admitting she “misrepresented” credentials on her resume, according to Reuters (Reuters, 2007). But we need first to understand when falsification or misrepresentation of academic credentials occurs. Falsification or misrepresentation of academic credentials happens “when someone falsely represents to anyone that he or she received credits, grades, a degree, certificate or other credential that the person never received or earned”(“UW Registrar”, n.d.).
Ms. Jones admitted her fraud in a statement, “I misrepresented my academic degrees when I first applied to M.I.T. 28 years ago and did not have the courage to correct my résumé when I applied for my current job or at any time since” (Reuters, 2007). She had on several occasions represented herself as holding three degrees from upstate New York institutions: “Union College, Albany Medical College, and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.” When verified with these three places, Ms. Jones had no degrees from any of those three places or any other institution.
Although, Jones has been known for her competence and outstanding performance, and earned many honors awards, including “MIT 's highest award for administrators” and often urge stressed-out students and their parents while…

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