The Ethics Of Care For The New Jersey Public School System Essay

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Nel Noddings, born January 19, 1929 in the town of Irvington, NJ, is a promoter in the idea of ethics of care in education. Nodding dawns an extensive resume in the New Jersey public school system, as a College professor, and she has also held the position of president in both the Philosophy of Education Society and the John Dewey Society. Her exploration into the ethics of care and the significance of caring and relationship, both as an educational goal and as a fundamental aspect of education, were very influential. Nodding’s theories and ideas on the use of caring concepts to develop an alternative approach to education focuses on the importance of interactions and the way they are perceived and dealt with. Nodding wanted to focus more so on the individual student and there uniqueness. In this short essay I will attempt to give my reactions to Noddings’ theories and ideas, and formulate my own opinions on her works and the practicality of her ideas.

To understand Noddings’ theories, we must first understand her arguments. Noddings believes that care is basic human right. I feel that this is a valid concept. Mostly, we all want to care and be cared for. That is not just a basic human right, but what I consider to be a necessity. Noddings believes men and women are guided by the ethic of care. As she puts it “natural caring” or a form of caring that is not motivated by an ethical effort. Though not motivated by ethical effort, “natural caring” might require…

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