Ethics And Ethics: The Characteristics Of An Ethical Teacher

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Throughout the semester we have discussed many different topics but becoming an ethical teacher really was in my interest. There is a lot of reasons why you need to be an ethical teacher. Teachers are held to high standards because they are the ones that are with the students each and every day and the students look up to their teacher. One teacher states that, “Without systematic instruction in ethics, students would have no reference points to guide their practice of journalism except money and status, and we all know the schlock that produces. So I teach them ethical principles, along with models of ethical decision making.”(Howard Good) Being an ethical teacher means having a guided set of beliefs that lead to attitudes and actions focused …show more content…
There are times when teachers feel that it is more important to fallow ethics then the law in some situations. Sara Davis Powell states in her book that there are six characteristics that form a conceptual basis for making ethical decisions. These six characteristics are an important part of being an ethical teacher. The first characteristic is appreciation for moral deliberation. This means that teachers understand that situations are complex and a part of our obligation. Second, “empathy, refers to the ability to put oneself mentally in the place of others to appreciate a variety of perspectives.” (Sara Davis Powell, pg. 270) Third, it is necessary to have a clear view of the dilemma at hand. The fourth is dealing with knowledge requires reasoning. Fifth characteristic is courage and the sixth characteristic is interpersonal skills which allows the teachers to communicate effectively with others about their ethical deliberations. All of these characteristics are very important and have very high value. “It is the voice of the ethical conscience, the same subtle nagging whisper that tells you when something isn’t right. Ultimately, that is the decision each of us make. We must ask ourselves whether we are doing the right thing. Responsibility isn’t supposed to be easy, is it?”( Stephen M.

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