The Ethics Of An Electronic Format For Analysis Essay

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BACKGROUND: Medicine is considered the noble profession. Physicians are held to higher standards of professionalism by the community. Unprofessional behavior is often the most challenging to deal with for program directors. One such behavior is the lack of sufficient conference attendance.

The Internal Medicine Residency Review Committee (RRC) mandates a minimum of 65% attendance at educational conferences for residents. Our residents attend between 8-10 hours of teaching conferences per week.

Previously, conference attendance was taken by Chief Medical Residents by one of two ways - paper sign-in and badge swiping. However, both techniques failed for the following reasons. The paper sign-in failed due to difficulty in transferring the data into an electronic format for analysis. The badge swiping technique failed due to the card reader not reading the hospital issued encrypted identity cards and therefore the generated data was not amenable to analysis.

OBJECTIVE: We assessed whether we could use QRCodes and a Smartphone app named XScanpet to improve attendance tracking at our conferences.

METHODS: Internal Medicine residents from post graduate years one to three at Sinai-Grace Hospital (a part of Detroit Medical Center) were followed up in regards to their attendance at weekly educational activities such as morning report, journal club, grand rounds, board review course and noon conference. The educational sessions that were conducted included a combination of case…

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