The Ethical Principles Of Christianity Essay

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The ethical principles in Christianity guide adherents to follow and do ‘what is good’ and reject the imitation of ‘what is evil’ as the teachings are heavily influenced by Christ’s commandment to love as God loves. The ethical principles which consist of the 10 commandments and the beatitudes provide towards the adherents the opportunity to provide an agape love that reflects that of Christ himself. This agape love demonstrates and paves the path for Christian adherents to model. In relation to the issues of abortion, euthanasia and stem cells, Christian adherents are often challenged to do “what is good” as within each of these important issues, there lies the presence of a direct threat to life given by God. There are however within the Christian tradition certain variations on the ethical teachings of when life begins where while the Catholic and Orthodox churches teachings are similar, The Anglican and Uniting churches vary differently depending upon how their adherents are challenged to act where some may believe that they are following “what is good” rather than imitating “what is evil”. one of the foundational Christian ethical teachings revolve around the sanctity of life “made in the image and likeness of God” Genesis 1:27. Therefore when life is destroyed, Christians stand together to follow “what is good” and to act counter culturally to avoid “imitating what is evil” or acceptable in society.

With reference to the issue of euthanasia all denominations specify…

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