Essay on The Ethical Dilemma Of The Case Study

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The focus of the essay is to discuss a case study and interpret the meaning of ethic and identifying the ethical dilemma that is involved in the case study. The essay will further by identifying and analysis the viewpoint of the people involved within the case study and their moral argument evaluate the potential conflict that may arise. Nevertheless, it focuses on how gender, financial status and religion influence the people in the case study. It will point out the relevant professional codes of conduct which applied in the dilemma and conclude based on a moral solution.
The case study is about a thirty seven years old woman called Mrs K. She has four children and a husband, Mr K who disagrees with abortion. She was on contraceptive to avoid another pregnancy because she cannot cope with another child, but due to unpleasant side effects she has to stop using contraceptive. Mrs K consulted her doctor because of the irregular periods and a medical check was done and she was told that she is pregnant. However, because she suffers from depression, her doctor evaluates her circumstance and predicts that she falls under the abortion Act 1967 and due to that she was referred to a clinic.
Pregnancy under the 1967 abortion Act can be terminated under two circumstances and that is if the pregnancy is up to twenty four weeks or if there is any risk, injury or mental illness of the pregnant woman or family members. In this case, because Mrs K falls under the abortion Act, the…

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