The Ethical Dilemma Of Abortion Essay

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Introduction Abortion is one of many controversial issues. It is a topic that is widely debated among many people. Abortion is a difficult topic of discussion, when the baby is a product or rape, or has Down syndrome or deformities. According to my Christian worldview, I will examine the abortion ethical dilemma, and compare it to other options of resolving the dilemma.
Ethical Dilemma:
The topic on abortion involves my response to a woman who has been struggling between aborting and keeping her baby. Susan, a career driven woman has been waiting for many years to have a baby. Through blood tests, she has been notified that her baby unfortunately has Down syndrome. Down syndrome is a lifelong condition. It is a set of physical and mental traits caused by a gene problem that happens before birth. Individuals have some degree of intellectual disability. Her doctors and trusted friend. Richard suggested that she aborts the baby. They feel as though if Susan brings the human life into the world, she will cause suffering to the baby and herself. Therefore, she is torn between the two difficult decisions. Susan is aware that if she goes through with the pregnancy, her child will have lifelong suffering and it would be immoral for her to bring her child into the world. However, she really wants to have a baby. Although her baby would suffer with Down syndrome, she should make the ethical decision of keeping the baby. Susan ignores the idea of removing her fetus and going…

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