The Ethical Challenge And Dilemma Of Advertising Essay

1450 Words Jul 13th, 2015 null Page
Moral advertising is important to understand, not only to understand the right and wrong of business ethics of advertising, but to ensure that the public is not misinformed of the advertised product or service. For this unique ethical issue, the ethical challenge and dilemma of advertising will be analyzed. Also the traditional theories will be suggested to discover the potential resolution of the dilemma of moral advertising. The purpose of this paper will be to explain the ethical dilemma and resolution for the practice of advertising throughout businesses in the United States. The challenge that arises when advertising occurs with the aspects of honest advertising, advertising for children, promoting harmful products, and tactics used by the promoter. Advertising is used to promote products or services to draw in the customers in a creative way. The dilemma here is whether the promotions are practiced morally. The main issues will be if the business advertisement is truthful, misleading, or otherwise cause an ethical issue (Amgad, 2007). An example of a dishonest advertisement is when a company promotes a children’s toy that is safe for all children. After a while, the product turns out to have a potential choking hazard, and children are beginning to have issues with it. Promoting the product as “safe” is morally dishonest, whether there was testing done or not before the product as initially put on to the market. The method that will be used to resolve the issue of…

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