The Eruption Of Mount Pinatubo Shaped Disaster Essay

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According to Emmanuel de Guzman, a consultant from the Philippines for the Asian Disaster Reduction Center, officials dealt with six major concerns following the eruption: resettlement, livelihood, social services, infrastructure, land use and environment management, and science and technology. These six concerns required both immediate and long-term response (de Guzman 11). In 1997, as part of dealing with new technologies to combat threat of a future lahars and flash floods, the Department of Public Works and Highways implemented, monitored, and improved disaster and lahar mitigation activities, as well as engineering intervention works, to ensure better preparation in the future. The eruption of Mount Pinatubo shaped disaster preparation technology, leaving the Philippines better prepared for a future disaster in wake of the massive destruction wrought by the eruption and its aftermath. In addition, the government was concerned with developing alternative industrial or commercial uses of ash fall. The aftermath of the eruption left thousands of miles of land destroyed and unsuitable for agriculture, stripping farmers and workers of their jobs, and hundred more workers were displaced following the evacuation and closure of Clark Air Base near Mount Pinatubo. Because of this massive displacement and unemployment, the Philippine government needed to find ways to provide immediate and long-term livelihood and employment opportunities (de Guzman 11). The destruction of…

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