The Equality Of Women And Men Essay

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The Equality of Women and Men People are equal to a certain degree. Individuals are not one hundred percent equal to one another. For example, all citizens of the United States of America are granted protection, but females are more protected. Women are more protected than males because society sees them as fragile beings that are always the victims to many cases involving assault. Many of these cases revolve around domestic violence. Because a large amount of women have been victimized in domestic violence cases, there are many women’s shelters. There are women only shelters because those women have grown scared of men. However, males have also experienced domestic abuse. Males who have come out of domestic violent situations should be treated as equal to women by having more shelters for their gender. To begin, men should have their own gender specific shelters because the large amount of men that have been battered are being rejected from shelters that accept both men and women due to space restrictions. Sarah Mervosh writes, “Shelters spends an average of $20,000 per month on hotel rooms for male victims and their children, in order to keep female and male victims separate” (Mervosh). The women get to stay in their shelter because there is one present for them; however, the men are forced to stay in hotel rooms because of limited space. The amount of money being spent keeping the two genders away from each other could instead be spent on building a shelter for men.…

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