Essay On Differences Between Male And Female Prison

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Differences between Female’s & Male Prisons
The statistically there are more male inmates in the United States than females. Due to these facts there are more male prisons than female prison and more services geared toward male inmates. There are key differences between male’s and female’s prisons. In United States there are about 4,500 prisons; out of the 4,500 prisons there are only around 170 female prisons. The 170 female prisons are specifically designed for female inmates; as male prisons are specifically designed for male inmates for the purpose of serving their sentences (Dugger, Ashley). There’s slight similarity between males prisons and female prisons. One of the key differences is security levels. A prison security levels dictates
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Study also provide that female prison population found that the majority of inmates have experienced physical or sexual abuse. In additions many of the inmates are single mother, have lower income, undereducated and unskilled. (Fay Meghan)
Although there are many females that are serving their time, due to drug offenses rather than violent crime. There was study conducted that states there are a lack of rehabilitation classes and programs in female prisons. This is under the assumption that the lack of rehabilitation programs is due to the fact that female inmates tend to serve shorter prison sentences.( Dugger, Ashley) Many government official believe that rehabilitations is not a suitable investment, due to the fact that women are serving short-term. There is also a lack of funding or inadequate training that cause fewer rehabilitative prison programs available to female inmates than those available to males. Even though statically women inmates show higher rates of substance abuse and depression. The fast majority of women inmates are more likely to harm themselves than men inmates. Female inmates are more likely to attempted or commit suicide than male inmate. (Fay,
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As prison culture represents the inmate’s customs, beliefs, lifestyles, values and social interactions. When men comes to sexual abuse in prisons are more likely to be raped than woman in U.S prisons. There was estimated 216,000 inmates in 2008 were sexually assaulted while serving time. (Bureau of Justice Statistics) When comparing to outside of prison nationwide there was 90,479 rape cases. A recent regulations in women’s prisons is banning male prison staff from doing pat-downs in women’s prisons. The Prison rape elimination act all detention facilities are required to take a zero-tolerance approach to rape behind bars. Procedures require all allegations of sexual assault to be investigated to improve the care of the inmates. There been reports that women prison staff assaulting male prisoners as well. (Daily Mail) Many of the regulations in corrections institutes and practices are more developed through the outlook of managing men inmates not women inmates. Many of the policies and practices in prison do not pertain an understanding of the risk and needs of female inmates. Many of the empirical research originally focused on male inmates. One key factor in research study has revealed that gender difference were often ignored in assessment and classification procedures for women. (American Jail Association). Based on another recent survey stated that 30% of state prison did not have

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