Women In The Criminal Justice System

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Everyone has been saying that our criminal justice system needs to be reformed and yet

there hasn’t been much action taken on reform. In order to bring more equality between men and

women, there needs to be change in the criminal justice system. The best way to ensure that men

and women of all races are treated the same as in the criminal justice system is to not let the

defendant in the court. If the judge and jury don’t see, hear or know the name of who they are

convicting they won’t be biased and will convict the defendant according to their crime and not

their race, gender or sexual orientation. The judge and jury will only see the lawyer who is

representing the defendant. The judge and jury only read about the crime that
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They are the reasons why the public has a

zero tolerance view on criminals. The public wants prisoners to stay off the streets and don’t

want to waste their tax dollars on rehabilitating them. Their mindset is that if a person was once a

criminal then they always will be a criminal. The public don’t think that criminals can be

reformed so they don’t want to give them a chance to reform either.

The people who are harmed the most by zero tolerance are women of color. There is an

antifeminist backlash. Since women want to be equal, they are given equal treatment in prison.

Women are punished equally as men even though they are less of a risk to society than men. This

supposed gender equality can be applied to correctional officers as well. Female correctional

officers can be assigned to male prisons and do all the duties assigned to them and male

correctional officers at the male prisons. This also means that male correctional officers don’t

have any work restrictions at female prisons.

In the early days of prison women suffered like men. They lived in harsh conditions and

there was overcrowding. Men and women were confined separately but still in the same
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The female correctional officers are

given harsher convictions for having consensual sex while the male correctional officers are

moved to another department for raping an inmate because when it comes down to the guard and

inmate, it is always going to be the guards word over the inmate.

The defendant should be convicted according to what their crime was and what

happened to lead up to the crime. Whether they were provoked, in self defense, or if it was a

crime of passion. These are the types of things that should be acknowledged when it comes to

how many years they should spend in prison. The defendant’s ethnicity, age, sexual orientation,

and gender should not be a deciding factor as to who gets a harsher punishment. Programs that

help rehabilitate should be available to everyone regardless of gender or the color of their skin.

The defining factor as to who should get help should be their crime and whether a professional

therapist thinks that they will be able to become a functional member of society. The judge and

jury are not supposed to discriminate or have bias but it is not possible to be

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