The Epic Of Homer 's Iliad Essay

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Homer’s Iliad is a portrayal of a momentous battle fought by magnificent warriors. This battle has raged for nine years, this story taking place in its tenth. The fighters are fearless warriors, each with some legend of their own. Many are renowned on both sides of the war: Achilles, the “swift running” warrior of the Greeks, or Achaeans, and Hector the “last defence” of the Trojans. the Iliad focuses on the trials and tribulations of these, and other, warriors. Though they are certainly fearless on the battlefield, these fighters are far from unbreakable. Often, disputes and battles are brought to a pause so that their participants may express their grievances against the conditions of war or the events of their past. These mighty warriors do not hide from their emotions; rather, they allow themselves to be vulnerable. In many cultures, this may be seen as a sign of weakness, for such prominent social figures to give in to their feelings; however this does not seem to be the case. Characters in the Iliad do not hide from the hardships they have endured while those who do are shamed. They are prone to emotions rubbed raw by the continual nine year din of war. Therefore, emotional vulnerability shown in the Iliad has become a sign of strength whereas the true weakness is to cower from emotion. Throughout the Iliad there are several displays of raw emotion. The story begins with a dispute between Achilles and Agamemnon, both respected fighters on the side of the Achaeans.…

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