The Epic Of Epic Heroes Essay

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People are often asked if something is either right or wrong. Sometimes the answer is quite simple but other times the answer can get extremely complicated. These kind of questions can often be answered through what people call common sense. However, there are some situations where the answer will differ depending on who the person being asked and how he was raised and/or how they learn to live their life. As people get older and more mature not only is their body the only thing that grows larger and bigger, their mind also grows wiser and full of knowledge. Mistakes will be unavoidable but it is the one thing people learn from; either from making the mistake on their own or watching others as they make it. There are people who mainly learns from experience as they go through life on their own, watching and learning, while there are others who try to base their life after a person, a role model, who may or may have never even existed in this world. Epic heroes such as Gilgamesh from The Epic of Gilgamesh, Rama from The Ramayana are a couple of figures that encourages people to do good and as a result they can live a life they can be proud of while following their duty. In The Epic of Gilgamesh, the thought of dying after his friend 's death dawned on him. He was afraid to meet his end and went looking for immortality. He meets a goddess named Siduri who told him he will never find the life he is looking for and advises him to “fill [his] belly with good things; day and…

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