Gilgamesh As An Epic Hero

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Throughout the ancient epic of Gilgamesh, the protagonist, Gilgamesh of course, exhibited many character traits that made him a true epic hero. One great trait that Gilgamesh acquires of an epic hero is that he's a courageous and confident leader. in the text Enkidu is too afraid to fight, but he's positive that Gilgamesh has the ability to triumph against Humbaba. Gilgamesh tells Enkidu to not be afraid and then continues on to remind him of all the victories he's had against similar foe. Gilgamesh proves that he's confident by encouraging Enkidu and shows he's courageous when Enkidu ask Gilgamesh to battle Humbaba alone because he knows that Gilgamesh will reign victorious.
Another characteristic that makes Gilgamesh an epic hero is that

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