The Energy Of Solar Energy Essay

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Phase Three is centered on becoming more energy efficiency and increasing the use of solar energy so that the increasing population will have adequate energy supplies should non-renewable energy sources become depleted. Energy efficiency can be improved by setting stricter guidelines for energy use for corporations and local businesses. These guidelines should be well enforced. Being energy efficient saves money spent on energy costs, and reduces pollution emissions. Additionally, solar panels should be installed onto medium to large sized infrastructure in the downtown core. Renewable energy currently only provides 16.9% of Canada’s total energy supply (Natural Resources Canada), with hydroelectricity being by far the greatest renewable source. The second most important renewable energy source, wind power, only accounts for 1.6% of all electricity generated in Canada (Natural Resources Canada). In downtown Ottawa, there is no energy generated from wind power, but that is due to climate restrictions of not having enough wind. Solar energy is the next best alternative. The energy that solar panels can generate depends on the size of the system and how much sun exposure it gets. Multiple solar panels together can generate as much energy to power a house for half a day. A family in Toronto installed an array of 18 solar panels on their house generates 3150 watts at any given moment, enough to power their house for half the day (Solar Powered in Toronto). Although Ottawa does…

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