The Endurance Of The Human Spirit Essay

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The endurance of the human spirit is always able to be seen through the eyes of the less fortunate. Not to discredit any other race or say that any race is superior to any other, however the enduring spirit of African Americans could be seen during the 1800’s and still can be seen shining brightly today. When one thinks of endurance, one tends to think about sustainability. In this case I am talking about how long it would it take for the human spirit to broken and be conformed and molded. There are a plethora of pivotal moments in history that led up to African Americans having the ability to have a voice in America today, however I think there are four events that shows the progress and that show how life in the United States changed over time for African Americans. The events are the Compromise of 1877, Jim Crow, First African American being signed to major league team, and the end of Jim Crow.
The Compromise of 1877 was a deal made by Republicans as well as Democrats secretly made to resolve issues stemming from the presidential election of 1876, when both parties came to a realization that the outcome of the Presidential race hinged largely on disputed returns from Florida, Louisiana and South Carolina which are at the time the only three states in the South with reconstruction-era Republican governments still in power ( It seems that the compromise was built on the premise that the Democrats would accept the Republican…

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