The End Of The Day Essay

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At the End of the Day
Have you ever pondered about the endless connection of things? I find it completely mind boggling to think about the fact that everything we do at the present is linked to what our lives would look like in the future. Every action, big or small, has a different effect on what kind of person we would become. Thinking about it, it seems like such a heavy burden; having to always do the right thing for a brighter future. This, along with the fact that we don’t exactly know what the correct choice is all the time, makes living a good life seem like such a herculean task. Choosing options and making simple day-to-day decisions could be confusing enough as it is, and I always did find making up my mind very difficult. But, nevertheless, one thing that I learned throughout my life is that a good thing would always come to even a bad decision, and vice versa. The only matter that really has a subsequent and relevant consequence to how our life would be like is our reaction and what we would reap from it all.
As I’ve mentioned, I am one of those people who found it difficult to be firm with a decision I’ve made. I tend to be fickle minded, shifting from an option to another, either over-thinking or not at all. So, understandably, when I was forced to choose a path that I had to take for the rest of my life, I was severely overwhelmed.
In hindsight, I remember how it was when I was young. I was always interested in literature and the different facets of media.…

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