The Electric Vehicle Essay

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The electric vehicle is no longer something exotic and futuristic to become a present need. The massive purchase of cars in emerging economies imposes a solution to avoid the irreversible deterioration of atmosphere , and the rising oil price, dwindling We Aboca an economy totally unsustainable. It is time to change the supplier by the plug.
The figures are staggering. Today there are nearly one million cars circulating in the world, and in less than 40 years, the fleet will have doubled . Exponential growth is a fact in economies where, for the first time, gaining strength a middle class that considers that the time has come to have their own vehicle, a privilege already enjoyed by developed countries since the last century.
Countries like India, Brazil, Russia and China have entered fully into the consumerist whirlpool of Occident and, which have been strangers until recently. China, in particular, has already exceeded annual sales of US cars, and the growth forecast is 20% each year.

The Electra-King was one of the first models of electric car that the American B & Z Electric Car Company began manufacturing in 1961.
The imminent overcrowding roads around the world requires car manufacturers, utilities and public institutions step on the gas in a situation that we can get out of hand. The absorption capacity of CO2 emissions by the atmosphere is already greatly reduced and the price of fossil fuels, installed in record numbers, have little chance to fluctuate downward, as…

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