The Electoral College Is Extremely Expensive Essay

1015 Words Oct 5th, 2015 null Page
When voting, it is extremely crucial to have background knowledge on who you are planning on voting for to be the next President of the United States, because it truly does make a difference. It’s your chance to be understood, to hold elected officials liable for their settlements and to have a voice in vital subjects that impact your community. The Electoral College is extremely expensive, especially with all that it does and it gives the same result as the general election, which makes it no longer useful.
Every 4 years, citizens from the United States go to district voting booths to record a vote for the upcoming president and vice president of their country. The votes are recorded and totaled. The winner is then announced, unless the majority of the Electoral College members vote for another candidate. The results of the popular vote are not guaranteed to stand because the presidential election is really decided by the votes of the Electoral College. In the Electoral College system, each state gets a certain number of electors based off their population size. Each state has as many electors as it has members of the Congress. The Framers expected the electors to choose whichever candidate they believed most qualified. Today, however, that does not happen. Instead, the electors are expected to vote for their party’s candidates for President and Vice President. Electors are chosen by popular vote in each state. They are chosen on a winner-take-all basis. The presidential…

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