Essay on The Election Of The Presidential Elections

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Many times I do not really pay attention to the presidential elections mainly because I myself had been too young in the past to vote. But this year is my year. I finally have a chance to have a hand in the decision of our nation’s leader. But this election has a different sort of edge. This edge being the effect of social media. Parts of rallies and debates are being broadcasted via social networks, which are allowing people all over the world to have input on what is going on.

The person who has been consistently in the limelight is the Republican candidate frontrunner Donald Trump. Originally upon hearing that he was running for president, I thought it was a joke. A simple “haha funny” on my end and then I moved on. But, now that moment is over. This is not something to laugh about it is very serious. This man, Donald Trump, has amassed a lot of supporters and individuals who are avid and proudly supporting him.

Now, even though I have not paid much attention to politics in the past, I am now. My parents have always taught me to not focus on the whole “I’m a democrat” or “I’m a republican” ordeal. They said that one has to vote based on who you feel will do the best job based on policies that they have in mind to create and situations in the United States that they want to develop and make better. I know what many of you are thinking by now. Oh great, here is another article that is bashing Trump. But this article isn’t to do that. This article is to bring light to a…

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